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MOTOR CHINA is the most influential motor exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region, which is one of the formed brand exhibitions dominated by Shanghai and Guangzhou economic and trading systems under the strong support of competent organizations in the industry and numerous brand enterprises, as well as experiencing 4 years’ foundation and 10 years’ brand promotion.



June 2017,7 (10:00-16:30)

June 2017,8 (09:00-16:30)

June 2017,9 (09:00-15:30)

Shanghai New International Expo Centre

0 days until the opening
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The co-organizer
《电气中国》 《防爆电机》 《微特电机》 《中国汽车电机网》 《电机快讯》 《电机技术》 《大电机技术》 《全球五金网》 《机电商情》 《电机英才网》 《中国防爆网》 《中国电机信息网》 《机电一体化》 《电机电器技术》 《中国减速机网》 《家电快讯》 《中国电机维修网》 《汽车电器》 《中国磁性材料网》 《中国电机网》 《轻工机械》 《中国纺机网》 《中国电机产业网》 《中国电动机网》